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men swimming

Tall swimmer hugs girlfriendGiants make great swimmers. Like a canoe, long bodies are more aerodynamic, long legs more efficient, not to mention the huge, paddle like feet. Rowers are often tall because the water supports their weight allowing their upper bodies to become massive.  There are also some rowers in the Other Sports section as, some years ago, I changed my mind as to which section they would go in.  This is not a science people this is art!

I think some of these guys play college water polo but I have no idea where.  Gorgeous guys just collect in pools of water polo like at Pepperdine University which is famous for its male model students. It is not famous for it's smart students. Rowers are also tall and as muscular as possible. Usually in racing sports the heavier you are the slower you are. But in rowing the water supports your bodyweight making huge size a good thing.  Their upper bodies get absolutely huge as they do all the work while rowing. 

Now not everybody here is an Olympic swimmer like Michael Phelps. They just like getting wet. Of course if a shirtless tall man goes near a large body of water I will eventually find out about it. The best thing about water, other than it being required for life, is that it makes tall guys take their shirts off.


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