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swimmer camille lacourt

Camille Lacourt is just about the most gorgeous guy on this website.  Male model handsome and a French backstroke swimmer, this 6'5"-6'6" (1.97m) 200 lb. (92 kg) water god  has won gold medals at European championships. He set a new Euro record for the 100m backstroke.  But best of all he loves to be photographed and do advertising.  And he is often shirtless, just like during his day job in the water.

The bottled water commercial in the video below is a perfect example.  His website is also very slick and flashy.

Lacourt  was born in 985 in Narbonne, France.  Lacourt collected 3 gold medal at the European Championships, Lacourt became European Champion in the 100 m backstroke (long course) before French compatriot Jérémy Stravius in a time of 52.11. This time was a new European record and the second fastest time ever, second to Aaron Peirsol's 51.94 on July 8, 2009. He collected the 50m backstroke title in a time of 24.07, also bumping him up to the second fastest performer of all time in that event. On the final night the collected gold in the 4x100m Medley relay.

Swimmer and model Camille Lacourt stars in a rooftop commercial for Terraillon water filters. Nobody is watching this for the water filters..


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