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giant foot sock on sprite bottle foot chart
Oh for feet's sake, why are some folks obsessed with footies? They don't interest me but I would be remiss in not including a collection of the most gigantic feet in the world!  In fact this is the third most popular gallery after bodybuilders and handsomest.

Why this obsession with feet? Allow me to explain with this simple diagram at right. Go ahead and look at it. I'll just wait right here.

Atop the two liter bottle at left is the size 15 foot of Big T. He's a 240 lb. Black muscle guy.  That's a lot of Sprite. That's a lot of sock. And wait till you see what it's attached to! Check him out in the gallery below.  Now imagine when Big T walks into a shoe store and tries to find something that fits him. Even the stretchiest socks are too small and the shoes themselves? Forget it!  Most stores in America have up to size 12 US shoes and that's it. Why would they spend all the time, money and precious store space to sell shoes to .01% of the public?  It just won't happen unless the store is very large and has a small section of large sizes. 

So giant men have to turn to custom made shoes that are often very expensive and  must be special ordered, sometimes from foreign countries.  The tallest man in America, Igor Vovkovinskiy, desperately needed new shoes and they ended up costing about $15,000!  Of course they had to kill nine cows just to get enough leather. Just joking people!

Short men can just wear children's shoes. Much cheaper for them.

Handsome Giant 14 Year Old Plays Footsie With Media
Size 19 US shoes are hard to find for this tall handsome Iowa teen! These two giant Addidas basketball shoes won't last forever.

giant feet gallery page 4 huge shoes
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