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kenrick monk smiling

swimmer kenrick monk upset 6'4" (1.93m) 220 lb. (95 kg) Kenrick Monk (born in 1988 in Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia) is an Australian swimmer who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 202 Summer Olympics in London, as well as at an international level through the World and Pan-Pacific Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

I'm sure he swims real fast but more interesting is how he constantly makes boo boos.  He was photographed with another total hottie, Nick d'Arcy, posing with guns. Then they put the picture on facebook and got in trouble for it. They had to leave the London Olympics early right after their performance.  Oops!

Then they got banned from using Facebook and were caught uploading photos again before the ban had expired. Oops oops!

In September 2010, Monk was involved in an accident that put his 2011/2012 season in doubt, in which he fractured his elbow in two places during the leadup to the 2012 Olympic Games. Monk claimed to have been deliberately hit by a car while riding his bike, and a police investigation was launched. However, after a witness emerged who contradicted Monk's statement, it was revealed that he had not been involved in a hit-and-run, but had instead fallen off his skateboard and lied about the cause of the accident. Monk stated that his fabrication was to hide the true cause, as he was "not supposed to be engaging in dangerous or high impact sports". As a result of making a false statement to police, Monk faced a possible $0,000 fine, three-year jail term and disciplinary action from Swimming Australia. In late November, 2010, the Queensland Police Service announced that they would not be pursuing charges, but he was fined by Swimming Australia and received a letter of reprimand from the Queensland police. In response, the president of the Queensland Police Union spoke out against the decision, arguing against Swimming Australia's defense of Monk, and stated that "The public rightly expect that no one should deliberately waste the time of police, whether they be wannabe B-grade celebrity athletes like this modern-day 'boy who cried wolf', Kenrick Monk, or just regular people."

After having lots of troubles with the media and Facebook Kendrick Monk decided he needed to be even weirder. So he made up an imaginary hit and run accident because he was embarrassed he fell off his skateboard.


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