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matt target dwarfs short swimmer in surf

These gorgeous swimmers are all on the short side, if you consider 6'5" short!
6'1" 183 lb. Steffen Deibler
Lately I have been dabbling in Deiblers starting with Steffen.  Born in 1987, is a German former competitive swimmer.  He is the current world record holder for the 50 m butterfly (short course). At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Deibler finished in 38th, 33rd and 15th place in the 50 m, 100 m, and 4 × 100 m freestyle events. He improved at the 2012 Olympics, finishing fourth in the 100 m butterfly and sixth in the 4 × 100 m medley relay. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he competed in the 100 m butterfly where he finished 18th in the heats and did not qualify for the semifinals. He also competed as a member of the 4 x 100 m medley relay team that finished in 7th place.
6'5" 205 lbs. Chay Lapin
Born in 1987, Chay is an American water polo goalkeeper. While playing at the University of California, Los Angeles, he set the school's all-time saves record. He also played for the United States national team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He resides in Redondo Beach, California. Recently, Lapin married the love of his life, model Kim Nelson. Lapin is one of four children and dearly loves his two younger brothers, Taylor (born 1989, also a water polo player), and Blayke (born 1999, a baseball player), and his only sister, Jayden Raye (born 1996, a singer/songwriter who plays guitar).

6'6" Markus Deibler
Double Deiblers!  Sehr gut! He is the taller and younger (born 1990) brother of Steffen Deibler.   competed at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. In 2008 he finished in 40th place in the 200 m individual medley. In 2012 he was sixth in the 4 × 100 m freestyle and 4 × 100 m medley relays and eighth in the 200 m medley. He won three gold and two silver medals at the short-course European championships in 2010 and 2011.

6'6" Matt Targett
Born in 195, insanely handsome Matt is an Australian swimmer and also a model. Gasp!  Targett was only selected for the 4×100-metre freestyle relay alongside countrymen James Magnussen, Eamon Sullivan and James Roberts. As favorites leading up to the London Games, the team was dubbed "Weapons of Mass Destruction" by the Australian media. The morning team, of which Targett and Sullivan were not part of, qualified fastest for the final. In what has been named by some to be "darkest day" in swimming in recent memory,[who?] the team came only 4th behind France, the USA and Russia. After a slow start by Magnussen, Targett as second swimmer held on to gain a position, while Sullivan, who had the fastest split of the team retained third place, however anchor James Roberts was unable to hold off a Russian powerhouse team, and was pipped at the wall and finished in 4th position.

In a surprise decision by the Australian coaching staff, Targett was selected to swim the butterfly leg of the 4×100-metre medley relay in the heats. Targett swam a 51.30 and as a result was placed into the team for the final along with Hayden Stoeckel, Christian Sprenger and James Magnussen. Australia cinched bronze in the final, behind the US who claimed gold and only 0.32 of a second behind Japan.

He is not to be confused with a soccer player of the same name who is a puny 6'0" 154 lbs. Wimp!

The Deibler brothers advertise their swimming performance camps while looking like gorgeous Germans. Oh those sexy accents! They also do online video analysis of swimmer's techniques.


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