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kasey kahl

This gallery features some swimming stars and a lot of male models getting wet like the 6'2" (1.87m) 77 lb. hottie splashing it up at left.  6'1" Andrew Lauterstein is an Australian swimmer and a three time Olympic gold medal winner in 2008.  In his spare time he is also a deejay.

6'3" (1.9m) Nicholas Santos is a Brazilian freestyle swimmer who specializes in sprint events.  He swam the 50 meter freestyle at the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Oussama "Ous" Mellouli ( أسامة الملولي‎; born 1984) is a Tunisian swimmer who competes in the freestyle and medley events. He currently is an African Record holder, and trains with the USA club based at the University of Southern California, where he went to school and swam, collegiately.  Oussama Mellouli became the 500 m freestyle World champion at the 2009 World Aquatics Championships with a winning time of 4'37"28, second best performance of all time. Mellouli is the gold medalist in the 500 freestyle at the 2008 Olympics. Mellouli tested positive in a 2006 drug test, after which his performances in the 2007 World Championships were nullified.  Sheesh. Why can't all jocks just take steroids and be done with it! Much simpler. Save big money on testing!

6'4" (1.94m) Paul Biedermann (born 1986) is a German swimmer and a former 200 and 400 metre freestyle long course world champion. He holds the long course and short course world records in the 200 meters freestyle, and the long course world record in the 400 meters freestyle.

Biedermann won the 200 m freestyle long course in the 2008 European Aquatics Championships final, finishing in a time of 1:46.59 seconds. With the times over 400 m freestyle (3:47.69) and 200 m freestyle (NR in 1:46.37) Biedermann managed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Beijing. At the Olympics, he placed fifth in the 200 m freestyle final (1:46.00) and 17th overall in the 400 m freestyle (3:48.03).


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