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black bodybuilder shirtless

The first half of this gallery is huge 260 lb. 6'5" bodybuilder Coty Reutzel.  This tall young muscle giant was born in Minnesota in 1985. Other than that he is kind of unknown. It is really sad when somebody makes all the effort to get huge, compete in contests, and then is terrible with promotion. This is why actors have promoters and managers and agents.

There are also a couple of 6'10" monster huge trainers and muscle guys.  That is almost the tallest that any bodybuilders on my site have grown except for one or two giants like Conan Stevens.  The amount of food you have to eat to be a bodybuilder at that height is incredible.  You spend a lot on toilet paper too.  What goes in must come out.

I wish I knew who the bodybulder at left was. I think he is Russian but  I could be wrong.

Superheavyweight Bodybuilder Coty Reutzel
This guy should have made a lot more videos while competing.


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