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strongman lifting

Strongman arm wrestling
How to pick up girls! Or just about anyone. What's the use of being as large as two people if you don't pick friends up and carry them around? Especially to the bedroom! This is not the largest gallery but I have gotten more positive comments on it than any other section. I guess one of the most appealing things about tall men is their strength. I always get big laughs at parties when I lift a woman or small man off the ground. It helps if they get drunk first because it's harder for them to escape me!

Some of these men train all year round to compete in strongmen events.  The most famous of these is the World's Strongest Man competitions that have been held for many years all over the globe.   There are also many regional strongman events, especially in Norway and other chilly Euro countries.  For some reason Norway, Iceland and elsewhere grow strongmen like crazy.  Some of the things they make these poor men do are incredible:  tire flipping, refrigerator carrying, lifting massive "atlas stones," standing in a car's metal body and carrying it. Pulling giant, giant things that do not want to be pulled, etc.  Injuries are very common.

Now I know you may be expecting nothing but powerlifters on this page but I've also included other examples of tall strength. This first page is mostly college jocks and Webshots boys showing off good. Real good!

Derek Poundstone breaks baseball bat
6'1" (1.85m) strongman bodybuilder Derek Poundstone's leg is obviously a lot stronger than a baseball bat!

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