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conan stevens Bodybuilder Conan StevensCheck out this 2009 photo of Conan Stevens the world's biggest action hero. He is 7' 1/4" tall and over 320 muscled pounds and has worked on 18 professional film shoots! He's been a buff wrestler, lanky nerd, writer, working actor, giant bodybuilder and brainy programmer. He even made a crisply designed website for himself at the link below. Read his great stories there of how easy it is to pick up girls, how hard it is to wrestle, and how boring it can be trapped on a movie shoot for months. What a neat site!

At right check out Conan in a giant costume (what other kind would he wear) from the HBO fantasy miniseries "Game of Thrones."  Even better, he has been cast in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" (see below).Below are some of Conan's earlier pictures. As you see he's had many adventures on various continents playing monsters and soldiers and guys with big muscles. Now that's the type casting I go for!

At seven feet tall Conan stopped growing right at the upper limit of a healthy physique. Any taller and people start having lower back problems and organ stress. In other words, for gigantophiles like me Conan Stevens has a perfect body.


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