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strongman carrying small man

This page is all about strength and strongmen, but it's also about tall guys lifting and carrying folks. Not everyone can be the world's strongest man competitor.  About half the page is people who are anonymous, that's why you see the "mystery men" logo on this page.  If anyone has can identify these guys let me know.

anonymousOne strongman I did identify is Timo Rűdiger, one of those foreigners with funny characters in his name that breaks my website programming.  Grrrr!  Nevertheless he's an amazing looking 6'3" giant.  He lives in Hamburg, Germany.  There is not much information about him online that is in English.  Born in 1979 Timo grew up in a small village which, he believes, led to his very quiet personality.  At about ten years of age he started playing soccer and by sixteen was in the gym working out.

He became a bodybuilder and a kickboxer and then, finally, a strongman.  But powerlifting is hard on the body and he got inured.  So he went back to just bodybuilding and lifted lighter weights.  Around 2011 he decided bodybuilding wasn't for him and he wanted to just be a strongman.  He became Germany's strongest man in 2012. 

He works in sales and exporting of vehicle parts. 

Also on this page is massive 6'8" Jason Tower.  I photographed him at muscle beach in 2014.  Giant 235 lb. bodybuilder Jason was born and raised in Montana, where the sky is big and so are the men!  Only twenty years old in 2014, Jason is not even old enough to buy alcohol but he can lift two hundred pound dumbells with ease.

There is also an impressive video of giant 6'8" 400 lb. American strong man Brian Shaw.  Shaw was born in Fort Lupton, Colorado, the son of Jay and Bonnie Shaw. Both of his parents were taller than average, with his father standing at 6 feet (1.83 m) and his mother 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m). It has also been noted that he had uncles of exceptional stature.

At Fort Lupton High School, Shaw excelled in basketball. Upon graduating, he weighed 240 lbs. He then attended Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado. There, he was able to form an inside combination with current Northwestern State Assistant Coach Bob Austin. Shaw was one of the team leaders for the Rattlers in his sophomore season. Following Otero, he went to Black Hills State University where he was on a full basketball scholarship and received a degree in wellness management. During his basketball career, Shaw was "hooked on the weights" and he has said that the weight room is his "sanctuary".

In addition to huge hands and size 16 feet, he was also a naturally very powerful person. In his own words, "I've always been able to do this. The biggest tire, the heaviest stone... I've always been able to walk up and lift it. Odd strength is what it is, not weight-room strength. It's brute strength, brute power."

Brian Shaw is 6'8 and weighs 400 pounds. He eats a dozen eggs for breakfast. He can lift a car. But he's too wide to sit in an armchair. See what life is like for the World's Strongest Man. Hint hint: flying on planes is a living hell for him. Born in 1982, he is an American professional strongman competitor and winner of the 2011 World's Strongest Man, 2013 World's Strongest Man, and 2015 World's Strongest Man competitions. Shaw has become, by some measures, the strongest man in history. Shaw is also the first and currently the only man to have won the Arnold Strongman Classic and the World’s Strongest Man contest in the same calendar year, a feat he accomplished in 2011 and then replicated in 2015.


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