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bodybuilder jason tower muscle beach california

Giant 6'8" 235 lb. bodybuilder Jason Tower was born and raised in Montana, where the sky is big and so are the men!  Only twenty years old in 2014, Jason is not even old enough to buy alcohol but he can lift two hundred pound dumbells with ease.

When Jason's promoter, Troy (shown below) contacted me and sent me photos I was amazed at Jason's size and good looks. Some of Troy's photos are shown below at the bottom of the gallery.  He's already gotten bigger since Troy shot those photos six months ago.  Best of all Troy arranged for Jason to come to LA and I paid him for a photo shoot at the bodybuilding Mecca, Muscle Beach in Venice, California.  We spent about two hours shooting photos and high definition video which you can watch below.

First I shot Jason working out in the famous Muscle Beach weight pit. That's when he started picked up these huge 100 pound dumbbells. I said "Don't hurt yourself" but he obviously had no problem lifting them even though he "only" weighs 230 lbs. After the all-important shirt removal we walked to the ocean and shot some more, then we had him manhandle a kiddie playground (always fun) and did some more shooting in the area and the basketball courts. Jason can jump up and grab the basketball hoop with no effort.

Obviously Mr. Tower loves working out but also basketball, hiking and camping.  He is very kind and caring but also aggressive and competitive when it comes to sports.  He loves to wrestle and overpower all other men with his great size.  He knows what a giant he is and loves the attention and showing off. Just my kind of guy.

One reason he's like that is he was picked on terribly in high school (why does that never stop?) just like I was for being tall and skinny. Of course he was REALLY tall and skinny.  He has not been bodybuilding that long and is already 235 lbs. His favorite lifts are shrugs and bench presses.  Part of what motivates him is knowing he's not some skinny kid who can be pushed around anymore. It's also the reason he likes wrestling guys into submission.

jason tower promoter troy muscle beachJason like all American "gal next door" types. He has a Mustang car and loves that too.  He plans to become a chiropractor and is already strong enough to crack any back in the  world.  He also has  a voracious appetite and has been known to eat five "double double" burgers from In-N-Out Burger in one sitting.

For more about Jason click below on the link to go to his Yahoo group.

I shot this video in July 2014 of 6'8" Jason working out and clowning on the most famous bodybuilding location in the world, Muscle Beach, Venice CA.  Although he is very lean he lifts TWO one hundred pound dumbbells over and over. Don't try this at home! Then we shot him running on the beach, his huge feet, in doorways, and crushing a kiddie slide.


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