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Pete Reed

British rower Pete Reed is 6'6", movie star handsome AND an Oxford University educated engineer and a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.  That bit of overachieving has earned him the rarely bestowed logo of "Alpha male."  Way to go Pete!  If only he had stayed in America!  But that's okay. We Americans stole William Shatner from Canada. So there!

Originally born in Seattle, Washington, Pete moved to Great Britain as a baby. In 1999 he won a highly sought after scholarship at the Royal Navy College in Dartmouth.   A year later he sat down at an ergonomic rowing machine to mechanically test his rowing skills.  He had never used the machine before but managed to record the fastest time in the Royal Navy's annual fleet-wide fitness competition.

In his second year at the University of the West of England he got into rowing. Furthering his education at Oxford (!) he got even more into competitive rowing. This led to long strings of continuous victories:  nine world cups and two world championships. Recently he won a gold medal at the Bejing Olympics and has his sights set on competing in the London Olympics in 2012.  You can read all about him on his well designed website at the link below.  Best of all, in 2009 Reed was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year Honours.

His lungs have been tested and have a massive capacity:  .68 liters of air!  That's the same as six two liter bottles of soda!

Rower Pete Reed talks about cutting loose from training regime after winning gold in the coxless fours in Beijing, and about living in the Athlete's Village. I don't know what "coxless" means unless it is another way of saying "Mangina."


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