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Kyle LongAnother great page full of people in the "Long" Family. Even Howie's last name means tall. Proud poppa Howie Long, former Oakland Raiders football star and totally telegenic Fox TV announcer, has raised multiple giant supermen.  But since he is 6'5" himself and has weighed up to 265 thats not surprising.  There is his 6'7" 280 lb. son Kyle Long, at left.  Christopher went to the prestigious University of VA and is playing for St. Lous Rams.  Howie Jr. plays lacrosse also at Univ. of VA. Also on this page are 6'7" 325 lb. Robert Gallery who could use a whole gallery just for himself. The Gallery Gallery. It will be great great!

6'1" Adrian Peterson runs shirtless in slo mo
The NFL claims this video is a "fantasy." Oh it sure is!


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