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carl griffiths giant feet

I don't think this lady is going to wear those shoes unless she is planning to put one on her head like a hat!  At least they go with her hair! This gigantic footwear belongs to one of the tallest men in the world, 8'5" Leonid_Stadnyk.  A brain tumor caused him to grow uncontrollably for years until it magically just went away.  When he has worn out those two shoes could they put them in a museum?  I'm sure there are people who would be willing to pay to look at those shoes because they are big big big and some folks go nuts over feet and shoes.  Obsessive compulsively collecting shoes is very common, especially among women.  Politician Imelda Marcos was once the wife of Filipino strongman Ferdinand Marcos.  He was a political strongman not the bodybuilder kind I prefer. And she got so rich stealing money from Filipinos she ended up buy about 2,700 pairs of shoes for no reason.  Do you know how much space that many shoes takes up? Did she have slaves polishing them all day?  What did she do with them all when they got chased out of power and replaced?  She is still super-rich and fighting the government about giving back all that money and stuff she stole decades ago.

The star of this page is definitely Carl Griffiths, a 6'8" (2.03m) young Welsh giant already huge at age 19.  His feet are almost 15" long and are UK size 21.  The average there is 9.  His shoes are special ordered from America.  The Daily Mail did a big story on him you can read about here. Carl has already discovered that being a big man with big feet makes him popular with the ladies.

Also on this page are a semi-random collection of athletes like 6'11" (2.108m) Luke Zeller the basketball hunk who has his own gallery here.  Luke Zeller comes from the Zeller family of basketball hunks and is the oldest of three ball playing brothers, all of them hot hot hot!  He was born in 1987 in Washington, Indiana.  Washington?  Indiana?  Don't try to be both you puny rural small town. Make up your mind!  From 2005 to 2009 he played forward/center for the University of Notre Dame.  Beyond that not much is known except that he is ruggedly handsome and has a sexy girlfriend (of course).There are also lots and lots of anonymous shoe size comparisons.  Basketball stars sometimes pop up in this section when their college buddies take random photos of their feet, clothes or shoes.

For some reason these "big feet" pages are among the most popular on my website. I would like to have more galleries of such things but giant foot pictures do not grow on trees.  Not even on shoe trees!

Welsh Teen has United Kingdom's Biggest Feet
SOUTH WALES, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 16: Welsh teenager Carl Griffiths has Britain's biggest feet -- a whopping size 21 UK. The 19-year-old from Trimsaram, South Wales, said his big feet have proved a hit with the ladies who always ask him the same question: "Is it true what they say about men with big feet?" The cheeky Welshman tells them they will have to find out for themselves. Carl has to have his shoes specially made in the US and shipped to the UK. And at 24 inches his massive feet are too big for normal sized socks.


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