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black bodybuilder tall doorway

black male model giant foot sock sprite soda Big T is a massive 6'7" 250+ pound body builder in Hollywood with size 15 feet!  I have gotten a lot of "thank you's" for including a foot gallery here at but I haven't been able to find any tall men with really spectacular feet before.  T's are huge and perfect looking and I shot him in late 2007.  I just couldn't believe the sight of him putting that foot on a bottle of soda.  I saw someone else show off big feet that way on the net and decided to use the idea myself.

Model T (get it?) has been working out for a long time but you can't sense how big he is until you see him in my doorway.  Nobody has filled it like he has. He's the tallest guy I've photographed for the site personally so far. About fitness he tells me "One thing in bodybuilding I haven't been able to do is get supercut.  I've never been able to get really lean, I'm always smooth. But that's okay, I'm a giant!"

It took a while to put this gallery together because he was busy taking care of his sick Mom. Awww what a good little big kid he is!


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