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serbian basketball player

giant athlete and buddies This is a page featuring the shortest of all basketball players. Meaning they start at 6'5" and go rapidly upwards.  No plages have more tall guys per gallery than Basketball.

Simone Zanotti is a 6'9" (2.06m) power forward who plays for the Italian team "Arca Impresa Lucca" in 2012-13.   Born in 1989 he will be eligible for the NBA draft in 2014.  He previously played for other Italian teams like Ruvo and Roma S. Azzurra.

Scot L. Pollard (born 1975) is a retired American professional basketball player. He was raised in a Mormon family with gobs of other kids (as usual) but he does not practice the pea-brained Mormon religion.  All right!  But for more sexy tall Mormons click right here.

In an eleven-year NBA career, he played for five teams, spending the bulk of his career with the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers.  Pollard was known both for his defensive play and his unique hairstyles. Pollard was born in Murray, Utah, and grew up in San Diego and Kennewick, Washington. He attended the University of Kansas and was the 19th pick of the 1997 NBA Draft, selected by the Detroit Pistons. For every season except his first and last, Pollard appeared in the NBA Playoffs including in the 2007 NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He won a championship in his final season (2007–08) with the Boston Celtics.

On March 11, 2007, Pollard caused minor controversy when he looked into the camera during a 20-second timeout and said "Hey kids, do drugs." The light on top of the camera was not working and Pollard intended to get a laugh out of the media truck. He apologized. Bummer. Pollard was known across the NBA for his peculiar hairstyles, which reminded some of Dennis Rodman. Pollard's hairdos have included a Mohawk, a single pony tail, and a bald head. On January 2, 2006, he introduced a new hairstyle when he wore two pony tails during a Pacers home game against the Seattle SuperSonics. While with the Sacramento Kings, Pollard received the nickname "Samurai Scot."

Adam Woodbury (born 1994 - holy pshit am I THAT old? This kid is the same age as Windows 95!)  plays for the University of Iowa as of 2012. He is a 7'1" (2.16m) 235 lb. (107 kg) sophmore who went to high school in Sioux City, Iowa.  He started in 38 games as a freshman, sharing the school record with teammate Aaron White for the most starts in a single-season... his 181 rebounds tie for sixth-most ever for a Hawkeye rookie, while his 29 blocks ranks seventh-most ever for a Hawkeye freshman.

Also on this page is a 6'11" Serbian I know nothing about, except that basketball must be really popular in Serbia as there are many players from there.

Handsome 6'9" giant Simone Zanotti chats with an interviewer from PMS web TV. PMS?  Eww. Wait. Not THAT kind of PMS.  The audio in this video has problems, much like the country of Italy it was shot in. Watch this video quickly because Italy's government might collapse again by the time you finish viewing it.


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