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shirtless strongman Gigantic Gary

gigantic gary lifts woman on back gigantic gary lost weight and holds former fat pants 6'6" (1.98m) 330 lb. (150 kg) bodybuilder Gigantic Gary works out at a Florida gym which is so crowded people are forced to do stretching excercises standing on top of him!  What a terrible place! It's bad enough being in a small gym full of short people. But when he comes in there is absolutely no space left!

Uh, that is not true at all of course.  He is doing feats of strength with his buddy's gymnast girlfriend.  Notice how he's holding them both up on his knuckles pressed against a concrete floor.  Ouch!

But here is something that is true.  Gary used to be even bigger.  Fatter that is since he is the typical endomorph, a stocky guy who gains weight easily but also puts on fat easily and finds it hard to get rid of.  He used to be so fat he wore those pants he is holding.  These pants are so gigantic only he is strong enough to lift them.

He has gone from chunky to hunky, from bovine to brawny, from tubby to ... oh whatever, I ran out of cute remarks.  Now he's putting his experience to work as a personal trainer helping other people in Florida lose fat and gain muscle.  As he mentions on his ModelMayhem page (link below): "I have made a major transformation in my life and I am looking to completely change my outlook on the world from my past life..  I am not the stereotypical muscle head guy..  8 months ago I was 385 pounds wearing size 50 pants and a 4xl shirt now I am 335 pounds wearing size 38 jeans and a large/xl shirt. in that I lost over 30% body fat to where I am today..  I am very much into fitness and helping people achieve their personal goals.."

In some of these shots he has more fat in his face but I think you'll agree he looks very handsome now that his face is not as rounded.


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