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athlete joe worsley

Who new there were so many tall jocks outside of basketball?  This page features Grady Sizemore, Joe Worsley, Mark Philippoussis, Simon Shaw, Bronson Arroy, Jeff Nieman and Roger Gracie.  Look for some Nordic track and field stars and the occasional jock out with his sweetie to the ballpark. Awwww! (She's gorgeous too, of course.)

I think baseball is sooo boring but I'd go if I guy who looked like that invited me. The few times I went to a baseball game I was so bored my sister and I went to the top of Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium and checked out the giant bugs flying into the stadium lights. I like bugs!

Grady Sizemore is a baseball outfielder who played from 2004-2012 with the Cleveland Indians.  They killed all the real Indians in Ohio so as a consolation prize they named their baseball team after the defeated peoples. I'm from Cincinnati where we name our teams much more thoughtfully. The Cincinnati Reds are named after socks.

Mark Philippoussis (Greek: Μαρκ Φιλιππούσης; born 1976) is an Australian former tennis player. He turned professional in 1994. His father is Greek, while his mother is of Italian ancestry. He has had a minor career in modeling and starred in the American reality television dating show Age of Love. He is nicknamed 'the Scud', after the Scud missile. His career-high singles ranking was World No. 8.  Despite all the money he made playing tennis he squandered it all and is now bankrupt. He stopped playing in 2006.  He was once engaged to actress Jennifer Esposito.

The rest of the men on this page are unidentified if you don't see a height or name under their photo.

Mark Philippoussis Shirtless
Mark Philippoussis takes his shirt off in the locker room, explains his tattoo and makes a funny Gay joke.

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