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giant jason flexing muscles shirtless
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This gallery features some really big men.  At left is Big Brendan the 6'7" 220 lb. giant from Michigan with a size 4 US shoe and a waist that is only 34".  Check out his Modelmayhem Page here.  A lot of pretty girls are his friends on that site. I wonder why??? is a great place to see a huge variety of different good looking men and women. Very few will ever get many paid modeling gigs but that isn't really the point.  By using the "browse" page and its search functions you can find all kinds of attractive people there.

6'8" Jason is an incredible bodybuilder I took a gallery of photos of in Summer 2014.  Jason like using his friends as rag dolls even though they are relatively tall themselves.  They live in Montana where, I am told, lots of guys are really tall!  I guess it is the wide open spaces that do it.

Huge 6'4" (1.93m) bodybuilder Big Sean Allen at the 2012 Masters Mr. Olympia finals in Miami Beach, Florida.  You can see a lot more buff guys his size in my Bodybuilding section. He is about 285 lbs. here.  When gaining weight off stage he can grow to up to 350 lbs. but found that left him feeling too bloated.  He has been up to 320 lbs. with less than ten percent body fat and yet his waist rarely gets wider than 33".  He has a 68" chest which is absolutely gigantic.


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