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muscular black athlete

Photos in many of these galleries were probably taken between 2000 and 2006 when I first published them.  They are taken from picture sites like Webshots, which was popular at the time. That was a while ago.  I wonder what has happened to these people since then?  I hope they graduated from college by now.  If not, put down those red cups and hit the books boys!

These early galleries are nice collections of guys at the beach with their girlfriends, frat parties, jock get togethers, shirtless showing off, tailgate parties, in bars and more.

There's also a video of male model Matt Terry who is pretty short but cute cute cute.

Model 6'1" Matt Terry starred in an attention getting Calvin Klein "Concept" super bowl ad so Ellen had him come on her talk show to the delight of the female fans. Just 2 and and from Bethlehem, PA he's now been seen by millions. He didn't even see the final cut of the 30-second ad until it aired  to more than 100 million viewers. 'It was pretty epic.. I couldn’t stop smiling, my jaw dropped. Literally, my phone would not stop going off,' he explained. Mr. Terry was recruited by Calvin Klein last February. He first entered the modeling world in 2011 after his mother submitted his photos to a model search.  He's also the face of the Calvin Klein "Dark Obsession" fragrance line which launched in 2013.


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