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tomas skoloudikAlong with Matus Valent 6'1" Tomas is the second Czech model I've made a gallery for. Unlike Matus very little is known about Tomas. His web sites are mostly blank. But we still have the photos, the precious precious photos. I really like the style of the one at left. It looks like a still from a 960's move or an old Star Trek episode. Tomas started as an underwear model for International Jock and as moved on to all different types of shoots for DNA Models.

Like most models Tomas is short by Big Don's Boys standards. If you can't fit into a 40 long suit you are worthless as a mannequin. Once giant bodybuilder Conan Stevens wrote me and said "Here are some photos I took to try to get a modeling gig."  I said "A modeling gig???!  You are seven feet 320 lbs.!  What other person on earth could possibly wear your clothes???"


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.