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Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Matus' Hometown
6'3" 200 lb. Matus burst onto the fitness scene by placing fourth at the Model Universe 2005, (Miami) competition, followed with a victory at Model California two weeks later. Since then he's taken top prize in other contests and appeared in lots of magazines like Men's Exercise, Men's Workout, Reps, Natural Muscle, Maximum Fitness, Musclemag and Exercise & Health. Lately he's been popping up in L.A. on posters for the Fox feature Pathfinder and ads for local parties. But it is a long way to Hollywood from Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Matus' hometown. In 2003 he graduated from university with a Masters in Physical Education and Sports Management and flew to California. Even in Europe he was playing indoor and beach volleyball and got so good that in 2004 Matus became the California A-Category champion.

I saw him win first place at the 2006 Model America World Championship at Universal Studios Hollywood. He was much taller than most of the other models competing but is the perfect height for modeling. He also had the best body of course. His muscles were as hard as the theater seats. They were just metal benches. Grr! A big thanks to Matus for giving me permission to use some of his pics here. There are lots more on his website.


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