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Josh Pence is a great looking male model and actor who is over 6'3" (1.93m).  Fortunately he got to act in the acclaimed move "The Social Network" about the founding of facebook. Unfortunately he only played the body of one of the Winklevoss twins and his face was replaced.  Even more unfortunately he does not even have his own website. He let his name get bought by internet squatters.  There are barely any videos of him on youtube.  Josh you are squandering whatever boost The Social Network gave you. I can't help you promote nothing! At least there are gobs and gobs of sexy photos of him.

Pence first appeared in the 2006 film The Good Shepherd in an uncredited role as Bonesman. Pence appeared in the 2010 film The Social Network as Tyler Winklevoss, alongside Armie Hammer. Both those men have galleries here. Pence played the part of Tyler Winklevoss during filming�he also played Cameron in certain scenes, for particular setups�and Hammer's face was grafted onto Pence's body in post-production to create the illusion of identical twins. Split-screen photography was also used.

Pence also appears in a separate cameo role elsewhere in the film. In 2012, Pence portrayed a naval petty officer in the film Battleship, alongside Liam Neeson, whose role as Ra's al Ghul from Christopher Nolan's film Batman Begins he plays a younger version of in the director's The Dark Knight Rises. In June 2012, Pence signed on as an ambassador to global aid agency Mercy Corps, blogging for The Huffington Post about his first trip to Haiti. Pence has also appeared in Gangster Squad as Daryl Gates, as well as in 2014's Draft Day.

Tom Welling and Josh Pence chat with Access Hollywood about their new movie, "Draft Day" What did they learn about the NFL draft that surprised them? Plus, what will women love about the movie?


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