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jett schaefer 6'3" Matthew "Jett" Schaefer was a great looking guy with a sad story.  Practically the definition of a man's man, Schaefer was a pilot, surfer and fitness model.   He was discovered by Versace and worked for Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and many more major labels. He appeared as a model on the VH Fashion Awards show performing live on stage and co-hosting part of the show. he also appeared in TV ads for McDonalds and Dr. Pepper with LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire.

Then he got cancer. Then he beat cancer. Then it came back!  He managed to beat it again but the chemotherapy left him with no immune system and he died from a sinus infection. Sometimes I ask guys if I can take their pictures and they say "No not yet I'm not perfect yet."  To which I respond "You'll never be perfect and what if you die tomorrow?"  Thank goodness Jett's photos will be on the net for a long time and people will remember him because, someday, we will all just be old pictures on the Internet. If we are lucky.

Jett's acting reel, which is like a resume for actors showing their best work.


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