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6'2" Aussie actor Hugh Jackman has played everything from muscled superhero Wolverine in the X-Men movies to effeminate musician Peter Allen.  Unlike some image conscious actors like Tom Cruise Jackman seems unafraid of any role macho or not. His upcoming gigs including hosting the 2009 Academy Awards and playing Wolverine in the upcoming movie of the same name.  And he gets on lots of "sexiest actor" lists while doing it. The New York Times called him "Every straight woman's dream husband and Gay best friend at the same time."

Performing in plays in Australia, London's West End and Broadway Jackman won a Tony. Then he won an Emmy hosting the Tonys! He won a Golden Globe for the movie Kate & Leopold. Good luck hosting the Oscars. Boy that show has problems.  The circus outside the Kodak Theater on Hwd Boulevard is a lot more entertaining.

Unlike some actors who can't settle down Jackman married Deborra-Lee Furness in April 996. According to Wikipedia they met on the set of his first TV acting job in Correlli, an Australian television series. Sadly, Furness had two miscarriages, after which she and Jackman adopted two children, Oscar Maximillian (born 5 May 2000) and Ava Eliot (born 0 July 2005). They currently live in Sydney and you can see photos of the family below.

Since Jackson is only my height his status on this website is:  borderline.  Big Don apologizes for the inconvenience.

In this backstage look at a dance number sponsored by Lipton Hugh Jackman proves why he is my cup of tea.


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