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handsome male model lance

Handsome lance Ordinarily I would never devote a gallery to a model with so few pictures, but Lance is one of the biggest, youngest guys on  He's only eighteen! In January 2007 he started working out when he weighed just 85 pounds. After only six months he gained thirty pounds and is an incredible 6'7" tall!

Lance has been kind enough to send some photos to me to be cleaned up. I usually don't make galleries for guys unless they send me a lot more pictures, but Lance is worth it!  I can't imagine how big he will be when he stops growing.  But he wears Red State Republican underwear and is a Blue State kind of site. Just look at the background!

I bet the women go for him cuz of his smart assed sense of humor. Oh, plus, he looks like a god. I hear sometimes that comes in handy.


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