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"Gettin Big" is barely 2 years old and he's already 6'4" and 220+ lbs. of non-fat muscle.  I begged him to let me make a fan page and clean up his photos. He said "okay" but I said I would keep it Anonymous and not show his girlfriends. Which is too bad since he has a gorgeous little harem at his disposal. But you will not see much of them.

GB likes video games, poker, and poker video games.  He is Lithuanian and lives in the Southern US.  It is a shame he is two inches too tall to be a regular male model because he is such a great show off. He has the kind of confidence that comes from towering over everybody and getting the gal's attention. And his face is perfect. But his muscles are too big most modeling agents would say. Too bad he is only going to get bigger as Arnold is his inspiration!  Clothes designers don't like muscle models. They make their customers feel insecure. Can you imagine him with muscles so big his head looks small?

His personality is called an ISFJ - intuitive with sensing feeling and judgment. That's part of the Myers-Briggs personality test which is like astrology for people who are non-religious. I am an ENFJ which is very rare (I'm like Lisa Simpson). You can take your own personality survey and find out more about yourself here:  What is My Personality Type?


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