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Male Model Ray Headshot Asian

Male model ray asian shirtless Finally a tall Asian I can make a gallery for!  I am sooo tired of talking about Yao Ming. Ray is 6'3" and about 200 pounds in most of these pics. A few of the first photos he is a little smaller and doesn't have the big chest like in the photo at right. That bod is perfect advertising when you are a personal trainer in Tinseltown. He mostly works out at Gold's in Hollywood, one of the hottest gyms in the world in terms of models per square inch (MPSI).

As Ray says on his website "I'm not shy about my body and I guess I have a bit of the exhibitionist streak in me. I'm more than happy to go commando at those nude resorts in Palm Springs, nude beaches, etc. I've done a little bit of modeling and would love to do more. Other things I'm into include cars, collecting DVDs, and 80's alternative/new wave music. What else, well, I used to be a radio DJ and I used to throw big underground rave parties."

Not only did Ray give me high resolution photos to work with, his photographers also know some of my favorite West Hollywood photo haunts like the Pacific Design Center fountain and the workout spot next to the Abbey Bar and Grill. Thanks for doing my job for me Ray I can use the help!


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.