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tall man

zeb atlas headshotBisexual bodybuilder superman Zeb Atlas was the star of a recent Jimmy Z Musclejam (#23!) at the Faultline bar in Silverlake, CA. on Melrose. Jimmy always puts on a muscle packed show and lately they have been much better paced.  The Faultline bar has a stage that goes right into the audience so the muscleguys were very interactive.  Zeb is about 6'2" and 250 lbs. of huge muscle!  He loves to flex and show off. When not performing he lives with his girlfriend in Las Vegas. He probably looks the most like Superman/Clark Kent of any bodybuilder since Dennis Newman.

Also on the ticket was another tall bodybuilder Giovanni who is about the same size as the Zebster and just as handsome. Rounding out the night were Germanic stud named Tyler and a tattooed Latin bad boy named Luiz who looked like his bicep rings were going to pop off at any moment. Tyler came out with the typical quality build we've seen before at Jimmy's shows. That was nice though nothing new. But then he took his helmet off and wow was he handsome! What a combination. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

You can buy videos of this event and many others at Jimmy Z's website at the link below. Jimmy allows other people's cameras at his show and I ended up taking two gallery pages worth, so be sure to click on the page 2 icon below.

6'3" .9m 250 lb Zeb Atlas in a music video

Giant Zeb is in a music video "Stop for Love" with Pearly Gates. Hey even sings!  Okay he sings like George Burns (not really) but who friggin cares?  Zeb is just about the hottest bodybuilder around.  He looks like Superman.  Check him out in his gallery with a link to his web page. How was his voice "perked?" Reverberation and autotune.


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