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shirtless bodybuilder

"broadway bares" What is actress Fran Drescher (left) doing in the all-male section??  She was performing at the Roseland Ballroom for a Broadway Bares fundraiser because she's a Gay icon of course!  And she will have to bring all the nasal star power she can to this page because it is full of guys who are barely tall enough to be here:  6'1" (1.85m) and 6'2" (1.87m). But they are almost all superhandsome like actor Andrew Rannells, the tall guy next to Fran.  As of fall 20 he gained weight and is currently performing in the Broadway smash "The Book of Mormon" written by the South Park guys.  Video below.

Fans of adult video will recognize Trent but the rest of these faces will be new to most people.    I myself took the photos of the superhot tall bartender Hunter who works at the Eleven Bar in West Hollywood, California during Gay Pride.

In this scene from Broadway's "The Book Of Mormon" 6'1" (1.85m) actor Andrew Rannells plays a picture perfect Mormon trapped in Africa and doubting his faith while singing "I Believe."  Will he lose his religion?  Could Scientology be the answer? Well, don't expect to buy a ticket and find out because the fantastically reviewed show is sold out until Christ returns in a UFO.  Andrew is not really a naive Mormon but he truly is as cute as one.  In Mormonism, as in sales, cuteness counts when knocking on doors.  For more cute Mormons at click here.


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