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Howie Long and son

Major new massive hunks on this page include 6'4" Anthony Morelli. 6'10" Robert Nelson hamming it up as the jolly green hulk and madam butterfly plus 6'4" 310 lb. Chris Norris. Also here are a few more photos of the "Long" Family. Even Howie's last name means tall. Proud poppa Howie Long, former Oakland Raiders football star and totally telegenic Fox TV announcer, has raised multiple giant supermen.  But since he is 6'5" himself and has weighed up to 265 thats not surprising.  There is his 6'7" 280 lb. son Kyle Long.  Christopher, who has many photos below, went to the presigious University of VA and is playing for St. Lous Rams.  Howie Jr. plays lacrosse also at Univ. of VA.

6'2" (1.84m) Ryan Watson NFL bodybuilder works out

Handsome superheavyweight bodybuilder and former footballer Ryan Watson works out in Florida.  In this video Ryan gives a glimpse into his training three weeks out from the IFBB North American muscle show and shares his story that includes overcoming bone cancer

giant footballer interviews giant footballer

2011:  Massive Vanderbuilt defensive tackle T. J. Greenstone interviews quarterback Jordan Rodgers during media day in 2011.  At the time Greenstone was 6'3" and 290 lbs.  He is currently a college strength coach.  Jordan Rodgers (born 1988) is an American football quarterback who is currently on the practice squad for the Vancouver-based BC Lions in the Canadian Football League. He played for a while for the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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