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Shad Gaspard shirtless with friend 6'7" 280 plus pound Gaspard is a member of the WWE Cryme Tyme wrestling duo. According to Wikipedia Shad is of Haitian and Cura´┐Żaon descent. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. Shad is the son of Benjamin Gaspard, a former street enforcer for street gangs and personal security guard in the early 1970s, who now owns Mcfay Contracting Inc. Shad is the third of six siblings.

At five years old Gaspard's father began training him in boxing and at age eight he began training in a mixture of different martial arts, developing into a successful amateur fighter and earning the nickname "Beast" from his mother. By sixteen, Gaspard began prize fighting for promoter "Hardbody Harrison", a former World Championship Wrestling wrestler and FX Tough Man Champion, in bar fighting tournaments such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and tough man competitions. Even though Gaspard was only sixteen years old, he competed against adults who were older than him by five to twenty years. Gaspard holds won-loss records as a No Holds Barred fighter (35-7) and an amateur boxer (57-26).

Gaspard was extensively involved in athletics during his high school years, specializing in wrestling, track, and basketball. After high school, he continued to play basketball at Georgia Perimeter College, and after leaving, he became a bodyguard for several rappers and actors, including Puff Daddy, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Mike Tyson.

Though the Cryme Tyme wrestling gimmick was mostly parody, Gaspard has been arrested numerous times, including arrests for assault in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, and California; looting and robbery in New York and Georgia; and drug-trafficking in Atlanta.

Shad's acting demo reel. In Hollywood we call these "reels" because they used to be reels of film or magnetic tape.
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