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Bodybuilder and fitness coach Max Philisaire is an amazing looking muscle guy who lives in Los Angeles California.  Philisaire was born on August 10th 1980, in Haiti to an Afro-Haitian father and mother. At the tender age of 8, his parents migrated to south Florida. Max is a highly certified fitness expert with over 12 years of body building experience. He is also a U.S. Military combat war veteran. While deployed in Iraq, he used his bodybuilding training as a survival tool to keep himself and his fellow soldiers motivated.

Channeling his personal experiences while working towards his own fitness goals, Max now leads by example and shares insight to men and women around the world through the World Wide Web, personal appearances and as a columnist helping people achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Max has been featured as a fitness personality on NBC’s, “America’s Got Talent,” Style network’s, “How Do I Look” and Spike TV’s, “Deadliest Warrior”. He has also been featured in numerous MTV music videos, TV shows, magazine publications and runway fashion shows. He credits all his accomplishment to God and his parents."

But the star of this page is Las Vegas native and Sin City Chippendales dancer Jaymes Vaughan the openly Gay performer on CBS's "The Amazing Race" who came in second on that show with his almost as tall partner James Davis.  I can't find any information on how tall either one of these strapping big men is. They both promote themselves a lot and constantly talk about how big they are. But no place does it really say how tall they have grown. I assume they are both about 6'2" (1.987m). In 2013 Jaymes was one of the hosts of the Palm Springs White Party, a huge all male dance event in Palm Springs California.

Unfortunately his own website has very little to say on him so I will return the favor by stopping talking.

The two Chippendales hunks from "The Amazing Race"promote their 4,000 show on "The Morning Blend."


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