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physique model nick auger

short stop sign This gallery features a lot of great looking bodybuilders and physique models. Of course most are under 6'3" (1.9m) so I have added the warning at left that they are shorties.  Hardly even as tall as me!

Handsome actor/model Dror Okavi (left) is an Israeli who has been bodybuilding for years.  According to his website "Dror Okavi was born December 28th, 1978 in Bet Halevi, Israel. Like many others, Dror’s biggest inspiration growing up was Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the age of 15, as a young athlete, he already knew that he wanted to be as strong and famous as his role model, Arnold. At age of 16 Dror began his training in the gym for the first time. There he met his trainer/nutritionist Yair Lav. Yair saw great potential in Dror and showed him the correct way of working out. Dror learned quickly and working out became his passion. At the age of 18, Dror joined in the Israeli Army and served his country for three years.

While in the army, he was in charge of physical training. He implemented a strenuous workout that was incorporated with their military training. After leaving the army he went right back to the gym, and trained intensely for the Mr. Israel competition. With the help of Yair Lav and Kobi Ezra he was more determine then ever to win the championship. Dror won his first Mr. Israel title when he was just 21 years old. At 22 years old he won Mr. Israel for the second time and won overall champion with only 3.3 % body fat! Dror became a personal trainer and did some modeling for the next few years before he decided to come to the U.S. in 2004. He is currently a personal trainer and fitness model. He has worked with some great photographers, like Alex Ardenti, Charles Worthington, Michael Neveux and Keith Munyan. He also worked with Rich Gaspari at this year's Arnold Classic, where he met Arnold himself! Dror currently lives in Los Angeles where he is pursuing his career as a fitness model."  He's been photographed for lots of muscle magazines, including Men's Workout, Exercise & Health, Muscle & Fitness, Iron Man and more.

Ted "Fletch" Fletcher is a Florida based bodybuilder and personal trainer known for being totally shredded and fat free when competing.

Swedish bodybuilder and personal trainer Mathias Wiberg loves helping people lose weight, eat better and get in shape. On his website he writes "Ten years ago, when I found the strength training, I weighed 60 kg. (132 lbs.) I started to put my first priority, which was to weigh 70 kg with more muscle. When I reached my first goal I was filled with self-confidence and happiness, and immediately set new goals. Today I weigh over 100 kg. (220 lbs) in good shape, which was my last goal I strived. My training has changed a lot along the way. I did it anyway out of sheer desire to reach my goals. Today I long for my workouts every day. Why? My experience and my education at PT School in Stockholm has given me a lot of knowledge. It's so much fun to work out when you know you are doing everything right and people get 100% of their workouts."  Mathias was born in 1984 and loves playing poker and doing situps.  WHAT? Situps?

Bodybuilder/physique model Nick Auger was born in 1982 and burst onto the handsome guy scene in 2004 when he was the cover model for Fitness RX for Men magazine.  He came to the attention of publishers when he went from unknown to winning the Model Universe competition.  Then he completely disappeared. I guess modeling was not for him. You have to put up with a lot of nonsense sometimes and, always there is the sex harassement.  He has vanished now but he left behind a trail of gorgeous photos that are among the most copied (and stolen) on the Internet. So if you see somebody stealing his photos and pretending to be him on Facebook then you give that person a piece of  your mind!



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