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tall shirtless bodybuilder

anonymous I have no idea who these men are but they sure look great!  Bodybuilding when you are tall is very hard and they are giving it their all.  Anyone with an ID please email me.  I'll update the page with names when I get them.

Aaron Reed is one of the largest bodybuilders in the world so of course I have a whole gallery of him right here.  Aaron Reed is a gigantic 6'7" 260+ lbs. fitness model, bodybuilder and former WWE wrestler from Tampa, Florida. He comes from a small town in Oklahoma where he started working out at age 12 and started competing in bodybuilding at age 19. Aaron has been training for about 17 years. He played football and basketball in high school plus boxed and wrestled. After high school in Oklahoma, he went on to study first business, and then exercise and nutrition. He enjoys explosive conditioning such as sprints, truck pushes, sleds and stairs.

In competition he was the 2012 Muscle Mania Universe Heavyweight Runner Up and was the overall champion at the 2011 Orlando Metropolitan contest. He was the 2010 Mr. Florida Superheavyweight, the 2010 Greater Gainesville heavyweight and overall winner, the 2005 Rocky Mountain Superheavyweight runner up, the 2005 Steele City Heavyweight champ, the 2002 Rocky Mountain Superheavyweight champion and even the 2001 Mr. Teen Colorado champ.  Can you imagine how the other competitors felt when this giant guy ducked under the door and entered the competition? It must have been so intimidating! He is currently publishing all kinds of bodybuilding tips on his website at the link below.  If you sign up for his newsletter you get a free booklet on the 10 minute ab workout he designed.  He has also written several other books and guides.

As he says on his page " I am the author of "A SuperNatural Lifestyle." It is a book written to describe correct methods of eating giving you an unfair advantage to reaching your health and physical goals. After years of living a healthy lifestyle I have had the opportunity to experience many of the benefits proper nutrition and training has to offer.

I am a 5 time NPC bodybuilding champion including two state titles and also a Men's Physique Champion. I have also have wrestled in the WWE professionally where I was able to showcase many of my talents in one spot. Since then I have been promoting my book in many social platforms from internet marketing, seminars and one on one with clients personal training. However, I have been bitten by the entertainment bug. I have done extra work on SAG credited commercials and also various movie appearances like "Wild Life Wars" on discovery channel. With this site I hope to find work in modeling and acting as well as promotional work for the right company or the right product."


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