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tall man

Miles O'Keefe Tarzan This page has a sprinkling of big men from all over the web: Myspace, Webshots, Photobucket and more. I wish I knew who the huge guy in the first four pictures is but he is a mystery. Also on this page is 6'3" actor Miles O'Keefe, who starred in that awful Bo Derek "Tarzan" remake. At least he looked great doing it. At the time twenty years ago I thought he was the biggest most amazing bodybuilder ever. Boy he looks almost skinny now!  Or, at least, less unusual.

Big Mike Foster in Venice
go to galleryBodybuilder and former reality show contestant Mike Foster towers over the most gorgeous people in Venice, CA during the 2009 Labor Day Muscle Beach show. I've met him before and he is just the biggest, nicest straight guy. No wonder they hired him at to interview the contestants. Mike is about 6'5".  I saw him when I was shooting the contest for my bodybuilding website


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