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oliver richters girlfriends At  7'2" (2.18m) and 300 lbs. (135kg) Olivier Richters is by FAR one of the largest bodybuilders in the world. Even if he did not love working out he is also impossibly handsome. He's also overcome birth defects to achieve his amazing body. It's a great story. Too bad he is so awful at telling it.  Like Evan Godbee, the giant Aussie bodybuilder, Olivier is terrible at self promotion.  He should have a website called "".  Instead his only website is "", a site in his native language which appears to be about hamburger patties.  I didn't look too closely as I don't care about slabs of meat, at least the animal kind. And it is all written in his native tongue so everything sounds like "norgaloo von winkelwagon voor snoorkle." I can't understand THAT!  Even the videos he uploads are not usually about him, or only just barely.

Olivier has two dreams: to become a movie star and a World Wrestling Federation wrestler, the organization run by Vince McMahon.  Unfortunately he'll have to get a lot better at self promotion to do that. Also, the main way a bodybuilder makes money is to get an endorsement contract from a bodybuilding supplement manufacturer.  By not promoting himself properly he's denying himself this avenue.  Meanwhile other people have been posing as him online taking advantage of the fact that he has no idea what he is doing.  Typical.  I supposed he could be a basketball star, except he doesn't really like playing basketball.

I guess I will have to promote him for him. Again. When will these muscleheads learn?

Born in the Netherlands in 1989, Olivier weighed only 197 lbs. (85kg) when he began bodybuilding. Can you imagine how skinny he must have been at that height?  I thought I was thin when I was 6'2" (1.87m) 150 lbs. (68kg).  But he had waaay bigger problems than trying to gain weight and put on muscle.  He had a birth defect called "pectus excavatum."  This is a deformity of the anterior wall of the chest, in which several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally. This produces a caved-in or sunken appearance of the chest. It can either be present at birth or not develop until puberty.  It's the most common birth defect of the chest.  It can hurt your heart and lungs, cause chest and back pain, and looks terrible. This leaves the patient feeling awful about themselves. 

olivier richters sunken chest pectus excavatumolivier richters x-ray pectus excavatumOlivier's heart was 20% too small and turned at a weird angle. You can see it in the x-ray at right.  He had shortness of breath when he was trying to squat or deadlift weights. A doctor who is an expert on this defect said it was the second worst he had ever seen. So Olivier had an operation to deal with it while he was still young.  Unfortunately that meant ten of his ribs had to be broken, it would take six months to recover, he would have to be on 110mg of morphine a day for sixty days. And he would no doubt lose weight. For a bodybuilder that is the worst thing of all!  For the first two months he could not move if he was not on painkillers.  In the third month he could at least start walking and bicycling and swimming.  After four months he began slowly weight training again.

Over time his heart enlarged to it's proper size and rotated into a more correct position.  He began to gain weight again.  Originally he wanted to weigh 275 lbs. When he got that big he decided he really wanted to weigh more, a standard phenomenon with bodybuilders.    His new goal is 330 lbs. (150kg).  He stills feels he should be stronger. Strong enough to lift anyone with ease on TV shows.  As of 2013 his arms were 19" and his shoe size is 51EU (european).  His father is 6'7" (2m), his mother 5'9" (1.76m) and his brother is also very tall.  In fact, his brother is a giant in his own right at 6'8" (2.04m) and is also handsome.  Talk about good genes!  Uh, except for the pectus excavatum, which is probably genetic. Ooops I take that back.

Oliver is a guest on Lotto's "Unforgettable Saturday" show doing something or other in front of a giant clock. Yes, I said "giant clock" not "giant ... oh never mind.


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