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michael sidorychev flexing

michael sidorychev double biceps Huge 6'2" (1.87m) Russian bodybuilder Michael Sidorychev is also a strongman and arm wrestler. Russia is the world's largest country.  So it is a good thing he lives there as he is way too big to fit in small nations like Lichtenstein.  With so many skills he does a good job of promoting himself although many of the pages about him are in Russian. Dammit!  He was born in 1979 making him as old as the movie "Star Trek the Motion Picture." (I judge all events by what movie came out in the year they happened.)  He weighs an amazing 316 pounds (144kg)!  He works at the bizarrely named  Management of Federal Agency of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in special purpose department. Whatever that means.  I imagine it helps to be really strong when you are arresting drug dealers who just might try anything.

I can tell he enjoys life and likes to clown for the camera.  Some bodybuilders are soooo serious they can't take good photos or even perform in contests well.  He is friends with another unbelievably strong man, Polish bodybuilder/powerlifter Mariusz Pudzianowski.


IFBB European Champion was born in  Ivanovo, Russia which is northeast of Moscow. In 6 years he started to train at circus school and was engaged in sports acrobatics. Having been occupied with only 2 months, has left in swimming. The first sport with which serious sports life has begun is skating sports (3 years), was occupied till 11 years. In the winter - the fads, in the summer - track and field athletics. Then was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling (till 16 years). Has executed specification КМС. Repeatedly won on regional tournaments. Since 16 years Michael has started to be engaged in powerlifting. In a year of persistent trainings Michael has handed over specifications КМС on powerlifting and has won all without an exception city and regional tournaments. In 22 years has executed specification МС on powerlifting in the championship of Russia among students. The repeated prize-winner of the zone championships of Russia and the champion of the Ivanovo area. After long career in powerlifting has acted at the first competitions on the Power Extreme in Ivanovo, where Vladimir Turchinsky (the President of Professional League of Power Extreme - P.L.S.E.), has suggested to act at competitions on the Power Extreme for Russian national team from P.L.S.E. The repeated prize-winner of stages of the Cup of Russia on a power extreme. Worked: with 1999 for 2004 – department of Physical protection of Tax Police (federal loan bond). 2004 - Management of Federal Agency of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in special purpose department. It is married, brings up the son 2000 year of birth.

Born on the 8th of June, 1979 in Ivanovo. From the age of 16 Mikhail got into powerlifting. After a year of hard training Mikhail has passed CMS standards in powerlifting and won in every single city and regional tournament. At the age of 22 fulfilled the MS standard for powerlifting in the Russian Championship among the students. He is a multiple winner of local championships in Russia and the record holder of the Ivanovo region. After a long career in powerlifting he appeared at the first competition for the Power Extreme in Ivanovo, where Vladimir Turchinskiy (President of the Professional League Power Extreme-P.L.S.E.) invited him to perform at the Power Extreme competitions for the Russian team from P.L.S.E. He is multiple prize-winner of the Russia Strongman Cup. Occupation: from 1999 to 2004 - Department of Physical Protection of the Tax Police (OFZ). 2004 - Office of the Federal Service of State Drug Control Committee in the department for special purposes. Married with a son born in 2000. European Champion of Bodybuilding in class over 100kg - 2011. Second place in the city of Vladimir in the Power Extreme championship of Russia in 2004. First place in the city of Ivanovo in the competition "Hero Games" (2003). Second place in the Cup of Russia in the city of Ivanovo (2004). First place in the city of Ivanovo in the competition "Hero Games" (2007).

Michael chats with an interviewer and works out in this almost HOUR LONG video. Of course I don't speak Russian so I have no idea what is going on but Michael looks great the whole time. And there is a lot of him to look at.


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