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heavyweight bodybuilder matt atwood

bodybuilder matt attwood 6'3" (1.9m) 230 lb. (105 kg) Matt Atwood makes athletes half his age look puny!   This bodybuilder/powerlifter from Washington state is an over 50 muscle daddy who could crush most high school jocks with one hand.  What got him into bodybuilding?  "Some chick in college told me I was too skinny to have a serious relationship with... I fooled her because that wasn't exactly what I had in mind at the time! But that ticked me off, so much, I immediately joined a local gym. Not just any gym a powerlifting gym."  Eventually he competed in bodybuilding competitions starting in 2002 when he was a "scrawny" 197 lbs. (90 kg).

Now he wants to get involved with fitness modeling and making his own websites so he got a profile on and that's where I found him. "Working on expanding my bodybuilding and powerlifting passion into a career... through modeling. I would like to share my results and experience with others thru modeling and other forms of promotion. I lead an active life style and I'm a living proof of what you can look like at 52 years old, regardless of your genetics!" 

"I've competed in 11 bodybuilding shows since I turned 42... my best placing to date has been a second place. As a matter of fact I have several 2nd place awards. I've also placed in the top 5 of the Emerald Cup in Bellevue, WA. However some of the young fellas at the gym talked me into competing at a powerlifting event a couple years ago and I took first place in 2 master's categories (over 40 to 49). I also won best deadlift for all masters men in all weight classes with a 505 lb pull. Yes that's 3 first place awards in one afternoon. That was a fun day!"

This hunk's hobbies include his doggie, his koi fish, movies, sci fi, reading, skiing and skating.  He may also enjoy working out ... not sure let me check!


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