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bodybuilder greg clausen flexed back shirtless

 People tell me I'm a tall, handsome, fit guy.  Giant 6'11"-7' (2.13m) Greg Clausen is a superhandsome, supertall supergiant bodybuilder!  I'm a welcome mat next to him!  I wish I looked like his "before" photo (see below).  Greg was a pro basketball player and now he has taken up bodybuilding in a literally big way.  He's about 270 pounds (122 kg). It's so hard to gain muscle when you are tall.  It takes a lot of food and even more toilet paper.  Greg, along with Conan Stevens, is just about the biggest muscleguy on my site.  And he did it in less than two years.  He doesn't have as much bulk as as much shorter bodybuilders who weigh less but that hasn't stopped him from winning contests has it?

Born in 1979 Greg fell in love with working out at Marquette University.  As he explains on his Facebook page "I played professional basketball for about 7 years, both in the US and Internationally. After graduating Marquette University, I played in Den Haag, Holland. I had a brief stint in Brussels, Belgium then I came back to the US for a few years and did the minor league circuit (ABA, CBA, NBA D-League). After an itch to travel again, I took a hoops job in Napier, New Zealand.  This lead me to Woolongong, Australia after my season for a short contract. Once my skills were more refined, I was ready to take another shot at the NBA. I was drafted by the L.A. Clippers NBA D-League team based in Anaheim, CA. I finished up the year in Albuquerque, NM with the Phoenix Suns D-League team.  2007 was my last year playing professional basketball, as I ruptured 5 vertebrae's in my lower back. Basketball was now unfortunately done for me. But I gave it my all and in 7 years of making money at a game I loved, I was able to have lived in 13 different countries! What an experience!

Now in the summer months I teach basketball clinics to children, and I am a coach with HSB Camps. Check them out too!  In the Feb of 2008 I received my certification as a Personal Trainer from ISSA. I worked out of a Gold's Gym in Lakeland, FL. I am still currently certified as a personal trainer.  My midwestern roots have brought me back to Illinois, where I currently reside doing Graphic Artwork for a local sporting goods store. "

Greg Clausen at the Freeport Bodybuilding Classic
Wow this guy deserves higher quality video than this! Greg is a one of a kind giant bodybuilder model at about seven feet tall. That's harder to tell in this video because he is alone onstage.


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