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attila korosi

attila korosi shirtless In June 2012 I photographed  6'3" (1.9m) physique model and actor Attila Korosi.  He is thinking of entering a natural physique contest soon and wanted some photos taken as he practiced his poses.  Those contests have seven kinds of poses he wanted to get familiar with. So I shot him in my gym and out on the patio.  He does not take any kind of supplements at all he just has a punishing workout. Attila starts with the heavy weights and works down to doing lots of reps with the light weights. And he never rests. And resting is the only fun part of working out!

After he came to America from Eastern Europe Attila got a degree in Accounting but now he has come to Hollywood to learn about moviemaking.  He has already started learning by making short films.  One of them even involved aerial photography!  He involved large number of people (strangers at that time) who believed in his project and offered their commitment and time.  Who would have thought there are nice people in Hollywood?!

You can read more about his movies on  his website at the link below.

It is always great when straight guys like Atilla or Arnold like my all looking "no touching" attention! Later I photographed him and his girlfriend making photos they prefer to have private. It is nothing today by instagram standards but I took them down when he asked. As a Gay guy I don't get to see many loving couples. Gay men are allergic to commitment in general.


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