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attila korosi

attila korosi shirtlessAttila Korosi is a 6'3" (1.9m) 200 lb. model, actor, director, athlete and bodybuilder.  He got married in 2010 and guess what?  His wife is just as gorgeous.  What a strange coincidence.  He is just barely tall enough to be on this website but he is slightly taller than me and that's all that counts.

Attila says on his website "I was born and raised in a country where there are no opportunities neither rewards for hard work, honesty and dedication, especially if your origins are not 100% domestic. I grew up in Eastern Europe. Having parents from two totally different religious as well as national backgrounds just made everything worse…at the time I was growing up in the 90s, there was a sanction against my country which made it hard for people to travel outside of the country. When I told people my dream of coming to U.S they laughed at me as if I was joking or crazy."

One day, during senior year in high school, I read an article "the U.S.A is providing a full athletic scholarships for prospective students" - my vision was born. I've decided to become a runner, a 400m champion, just like my father was.


I isolated myself from everybody. My only goal, the sole purpose of my existence was to become a good enough runner to make institutions in the U.S interested in me. It wasn't a problem for me to run in the snow or in 110F weather, it didn't matter that the locker room didn't have electricity or water, it didn't matter that most of the time I was alone with no support, it didn't matter that the people around me were kept saying you CAN'T…For the next 6 months I only had this one vision in my mind. The vision was so strong that my consciousness successfully materialized it and I became a national champion. I was competing, representing my country that never provided me with anything, on different international meetings. Interesting fact that I'm still thinking about is - I never really wanted to become a World Champion, I mean I wouldn't mind if I would become one, but my primary and only desire was to come to the States."


Since he has come to America he has graduated from college and now lives in LA where he is working on writing screenplays and directing his first movie.  Lots more about him on his web page at the link below.

After playing around with moviemaking in LA Attila moved to South Korea and got a major honor for his documentary in 2020 in the start of the Covid pandemic! As he says" My short documentary, about the Korean Democratic Uprising got invited and screened at the City Hall in Seoul. It received a special award and a distribution deal with KBS, the leading TV channel in South Korea. It was a great experience where I had the chance to share my vision of creating a film festival at Geoje Island."


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