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big don weho

big don weho 2004 Pictures taken from 1995 to 2007 mostly in Los Angeles.  I weighed between 180 lbs. and 220 lbs.  The photos were taken in Silverlake, Hollywood, West Hollywood and Angeles National Forest.

One photos is really weird called "upside down eyes."  In photoshop I took one of my headshots and spun each eye around so it was upside down.  That confuses the special part of your brain designed just to deal with faces. People find the photo very disturbing but they aren't sure why.  Messes with your head!

Also on this page is a symmetry test I did where I took my photo and flipped it around to make variations.  Symmetrical faces are considered the most beautiful. Which of the four faces do you like best?  Weirdly, I had a mole on my forehead at the time and the double sided version of that looks like I have a car battery coming out of my head!

The first photo was taken in Cincinnati, Ohio during production of a comedy script I wrote where I played a crazy 1970's goofball.

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