big don weho
July 31, 1965 - July 31, 2005

birthday logoWhen I turned forty in 2005 I decided to do something special, get drunk and hang around with Gay muscle guys. Hey wait, I do that every weekend! Okay so I decided to take pictures this time. We all got together at my apartment complex pool in West Hollywood between Palm and Handcock. Palm and Handcock? Talk about a Gay address! My boyfriend at the time, Ken, helped with the party a lot.  Some pictures enlarge when you click them.

At that time the economy was nice enough that I could have parties. Now the economy is terrible. During Gay Pride Parades or Halloween in my neighborhood of West Hollywood we used to have lots of parties.  Now no one can afford it and when I walk down the street to these events I look up at the apartment buildings that used to be full of festivities and nothing is going on. Sigh.

Later my boyfriend Ken offered to put on a party for me because I had worked on the TV series HBO's "The Pacific" and won an Emmy for it. So we decided to have a TV watching party.  Ken put it all together, decorated his house and bought food and beverages. I emailed people to come but I didn't call them all. When I gave the party almost nobody showed up. Why? Because I didn't personally call and remind all of them, because they were all overworked from holding down too many jobs in a bad economy. Now, with people's attention spans no longer than a smart phone's display screen these parties are much harder to put on. So we decided to never do this again. 

But at least I can look back on my fortieth and a fun party when people still had jobs and there was a thing in America called a "middle class."

A big boy needs a big party. Wait, ohmigawd, I'm not a boy anymore!! (except at heart :)
If only Tom really were twins! Then I found out he actually is!

The muscle guys from late in the party (except Howie, who is too shy for his own good.) L to R:  Gil, Steve, Dennis, Dan, Ken, Don, Eric, Steve, Mike, Philip.

Guests escaping the heat early in the party.

Bob and Steve.
TV says only young people are sexy. Yeah. TV also says Hogan's Heroes is funny.

It's hard to tell from the pic but Sebastian was the biggest guy at the party at 230 lbs. He is from El Salvador where there are few bodybuilders and many guns.


Promoter Jimmy Z in muscle heaven.

howie howie


I could not stop taking pictures of Howie!  He's 230 lbs. now!

Ken is 200 lbs. but looks small next to Dennis.

I hope they are laughing WITH me not AT me!

What a lineup!