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I've I.D.'d a few of the men on this page like Shaq (duh even a non-jock like me knows who he is). Also 7'7" Kenny George, Mike Bonner, 7'0" Craig Forth and Shawn Bradley.  If anybody knows who some of the other guys are (and their heights) please email me.  I've already ID's the best looking guy on the page, 6'9" 235 lb. Ryan Childress. He's in the icon at the very top of the page. What a knockout face and body.

I wish there were more shirtless photos of these gorgeous basketballers. Baggy basketball clothes are practical but boring. What about spray on uniforms?  I think spray on uniforms are what would bring women's basketball into the mainstream!

7'8" paul sturgess rides camel

7'8" (2.33m) Harlem Globetrotter Paul Sturgess tries to ride a camel.  A very unlucky camel. Paul weighs about 350 pounds (160kg). Isn't that how much most camel's weigh???  At least his feet are not dragging on the ground. 


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.