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shirtless basketball player

Basketballers, the titans of tall! Why do I only have a few pages of basketball players? Because they are all over the main gallery. Thank you Webshots parties! Here are just basketball specific pictures, minus shots of guys running around on the court in baggy clothes. BORING! This page also features one of the world's few tall Asians, 7'6" Yao Ming. God bless those NBA scouts!  Some of the nicest pictures come from Europe where they do a much better job of promoting their athletes as individuals and celebrities. I'm sure there are many many good looking athletes I need to get to in this department but Big Don is only one (large) man!

My favorite player is Yao Ming because he is Chinese. If it weren't for him the government would constantly be on my back about not having enough Asians on my tall guys website. Knock it off Uncle Sam!

7'2" Eighteen Year Old Basketball God
Titanic teen Greg (Gergely) Somogyi, a Hungarian kid (yes he's a kid!) playing basketball at Woodside Priory High School in California. I'm sure his teammates try very hard but ... do they really have to do anything??? Greg is 7'2" barefoot and the Palo Alto Athlete of the Week. Very handsome.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.