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mattMatt Slaninka (pronounced SLAN-uh-kuh) is one of the tallest baskeball players out there at 7'4" and 250+ pounds. He has weighed as much as 280. He grew so fast he was over seven feet tall in eighth grade. He graduated from Dematha high school in 2000 and led it to a no. 9 national ranking. He attended the University of Maryland where he was redshirted.  Then he transferred to Shepherd University in West Virginia where he graduated in 2006.

After that he played in Germany, for the Northern PA Breakers and the Palmieri Jeans Destroyers.  What they are naming teams after jeans now? First it was naming stadiums after defunct websites and now naming a sports team after jeans?  That is preposterous. Everyone knows sports teams should only be named after something dignified like stockings.  As in the name of my hometown's team "The Cincinnati Red Stockings."  Now they just call them the "Reds."  Why? They broke a totally good underpants related name.   Shame on you Cincinnati, shame.  Now they sound like Communists!


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