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winklevoss twins arnold schwarzenegger olympicsYou found the twins page! You must be a Gemini.  When you see the "twin alert" logo at lower right on other pages you'll know you found more twins scattered throughout my site. 

Can you believe some women give birth to not one but two identical giant hunks? Talk about a rarity. Frankly, I think gorgeous twins are more efficient than regular fetuses. It's a quality ovum that can split like this.  Of course not even identical twins are truly identical ... but when they look this good Vive la Difference.

twin alertThe Winklevoss twins (left) are mirrored twins. One is left handed and one is right, from when the egg split in half.  They are about the most famous twins on my site. Famous because they totally screwed up the founding of Facebook and then made millions off of a lawsuit later.  They are also about the only famous rowers on my site. Rowing isn't a very popular sport and they thought that, upon the release of their story in the movie The Social Network, rowing would get more popular.  Sorry guys, put your (large) egos away.  It didn't happen. In fact, if they had not been so into rowing and going to the Olympics they might have had a much bigger hand in Facebook's founding.

Sad to say, but, in the end wanting to compete in the Olympics is a pretty self absorbed thing. And what do you do, as a rower, for work when you get out of the Olympics?  I guess you could train the next version of you.  What are you gonna put on your resume?  "Hi I spent ten years learning to jump in a pool of water while making the smallest possible splash."  Hmmm.


Jordan and Zac Stenmark stopped by the Models.Com office for an interview.  Not only are they both super handsome it's weird hearing the exact same voice coming out of both guys.


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