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bodybuilder dalip singh

Supergiant Dalip Singh (who wrestles as The Great Khali) has his own gallery righ here.  But he is so gigantic it just could not hold all the photos of him.  Here are a few more on this page to help shock you.  He is one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world!  But because he is also a wrestler you will find his main gallery in the "Fighters" section right here.

There are also a couple of great photos of anonymous bodybuilders I know nothing about. That's why you don't see a height or weight listed under their photos.

Also on this page is a young 6'6" muscleman who asked me to call him "Champion" when he sent me some photos.  He lives in Lithuania and is going to London to train.  He's a good example of a once cut up bodybuilder currently in the bulking phase.  First muscle guys gain lots of weight, including fat.  Then they burn off the fat and build more muscle until they are ready to compete in a contest.  As the photo at right shows the difference between the two looks is dramatic.  He was only sixteen when the cut up photo was taken.

bodybuilder lean and bulkedNevertheless, many scammers hawking fake bodybuilding products can actually produce a "before and after" photo on the very same day!  They make sure they look puffy, bloated, unhappy and unshaven in one photo, then they go work out and pump up, shave off the scruff, put on body makeup and take a second "after" shot. Big smile!  Photoshop does the rest.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.