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Recently the most amazing 210 lb. 6'6" (198 cm) 21 year old bodybuilder sent me some of his vacation photos from Spain to clean up for him.  How do I know he is only 21?  He sent me a photo of his birthday cake. Anyone who has ever read a Chinese fortune cookie knows desserts NEVER lie. He has a perfect body and a great smile. Sooo many bodybuilders in Hollywood want to model but can't even smile for the camera. Meanwhile here's a muscleman a million miles away who is grinning his head off. Who is having more fun in life?

He lives in North England and has roots in Poland. Polish Power!  That is not to be confused with "Mother's Power Polish" even though they are both about getting buffed up.  He speaks Polish and some Italian and wants to leave England.  "83 percent of Britons want to leave the UK. It rains all the time, I need sun!" he writes on his Myspace page. You can see it at the link below.

He wrote me and suggested "Would be cool if you had your own show orientated around tall guys, be it a model show, looking for a hot bodyguard etc or whatever, there's a lot worse shows on TV at the moment! I think your site is fantastic, keep up the good work. I know I can be a lot bigger and better like the other guys on the site, so I can send you even better pics in the future and if I'm ever in the states if you want I could come visit, you do a lot for the tall movement and I appreciate it.

Since these leaned down photos were taken in August 2008 he's gained ten pounds.

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If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.